How to Use Mille Noctes

This archive is intended as a source of inspiration or outright thievery. There are a shortage of story scripts available that cater particularly to Latin. There's also a shortage of really, truly beginner level texts in general (see the About page for more on that). Some things you can do with these stories:

  • Tweak the heck out of them to suit your own class (This is the number one expected use.)
  • Use them as TPRS story scripts
  • Use them as inspiration for writing your own
  • Give them to students for SSR or FVR (with glossing)
  • ... send them to the website on their own and let them choose stories based on their own level. I suggest in that case you tell them to use the Google Chrome Chromium extension from the Paideia Institute.
  • Give them to students (with glossing) to translate on a day when they're not responding well to storyasking
  • Use them to make fabulae pictae (e.g. matrimonium Helenae) to share with your students in that way. If you do, please send them back here so your hard work benefits as many people as possible!
  • Use this site as a place to share your own original stories & readings!
If you're a Latin learner and you made your way here, I hope you're enjoying it. I suggest you get the Google Chrome Chromium extension from the Paideia Institute and use that to help you as you read. I'm also happy to help you out if you have questions. Email me at or tweet me @magistrissima.