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If you're going to be reading a lot of Latin (or Greek!) online, you should check out:

More to Read
  • The Latin Library: an excellent repository of commonly read Latin texts as well as many not-so-commonly read ones. Difficulty varies greatly, but I particularly recommend beginning with the Medieval and Christian Latin (minus Augustine) since those tend to be easier.
  • Lacus Curtius: Another beautiful repository of texts, many of which you're not likely to run across elsewhere. Unlike The Latin Library, many of these also have translations for when you're confused.
  • Nuntii Latini Archives: Monthly Finnish newscast in Latin. Text also available.
  • Risorse didattiche: Reading resources from the Accademia Vivarium Novum. A real treasure trove- tons of material here. You do have to click around a bit in the sidebar to find them.
  • Reading Material in Latin: Awesome readings from older Latin textbooks, with level information!
  • Living Latin: The Paideia Institute's blog with readings on the ancient world in Latin. Also home of the Chromium browser extension!
  • Studium Angelopolitanum: All-Latin blog with readings to accompany LLPSI, and probably more coming soon. Very readable!
  • John Piazza: great site on CI, with two readers: Latin History Narratives & Latin Mythological Narratives, plus his Easy Latin Stories and the Tar Heel Reader, which has pictures!
  • Ad Usum Delphini: This was an old series of Latin texts with notes for low level readers. John Piazza has put a number of them up in PDF and there are more around on the web if you look for them.
  • Tres Columnae Project: Justin Schwamm's excellent online Latin program includes many connected readings at varying levels, from the very very beginning on. There are both free and subscription levels of content.
  • Project Arkhaia: From Kevin Ballestrini et al., a wonderful collection of tiered readings from the AP Caesar & Vergil syllabi, plus some others.
  • Easy Latin Stories: from John Piazza. Truly novice-appropriate stories here. Wonderful stuff!
  • The Latin Vulgate: Yep, the Latin Christian Bible. Compelling for some and well known for many, and the Latin is generally considered easier than earlier classical texts. oh and also probably the most popular and widely used Latin text of all time... no big deal.
  • Vicipaedia: Read in relatively simple Latin about a huge variety of things.
  • Ephemeris: A daily(?) newspaper in Latin about everything from current events to... this guy. Huge archives. Includes other stuff too like Sherlock Holmes stories. An amazing resource, but not beginner level probably, so you'll have to adapt it for your students.
  • Diurnalia: bite-sized Latin! Regular tweets on modern news. Sometimes ancient news too.

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