Monday, April 18, 2016

Joshua delphīnum vult.

Joshua elephantem nōn vult. Joshua delphīnum vult. Joshua delphīnum nōn habet. Joshua nōn est laetus. Joshua est tristis. Joshua est tristis, quia Joshua delphīnum nōn habet.

Jesse hippopotamum nōn habet. Jesse elephantem nōn habet. Jesse delphīnum habet.

Joshua delphīnum vult. Jesse Joshuae delphīnum dat . Joshua delphīnum habet. Joshua est laetus, quia Joshua delphīnum habet.

Info & extras under the cut.

Intended purpose: TPRS
Based on the model and general vocabulary offered in Keith Toda's excellent Week 1 Lesson Plan.

Target Structures: vult, habet

NLE Level: II because of vult... but really, week 1 day 1 is fine.

Word count: 54

Unique Word List: dat, delphīnum, elephantem, est, habet, hippopotamum, Jesse, Joshua, Joshuae, laetus, nōn, quia, tristis, vult

Unique Lemmata excluding proper nouns: delphīnus, dō, elephans, habeō, hippopotamus, laetus, nōn, quia, sum, tristis, volō

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